Setting Up The List

Organisations that comply with the provisions of the Act on the Functioning and Finances of Political Parties (hereafter: parties) may nominate party lists in the election of the Members of the European Parliament.

A list may be presented by the party that has at least 20 000 valid recommending coupon.Citizens get an official announcement on having been registered in the voters' list and a coupon for recommending a candidate. Voters may recommend a list by filling in and signing the coupon. One voter may recommend only one list. The filled coupons have to send to the parties or their agents.

As many candidates may be nominated on the list as there are mandates obtainable on this list (3x22=66 candidates).

You can find the data of party list and their candidates on the following pages.

Parties Setting Up a List

Groups of Parties Setting Up Lists in Jointly

View of Lists

Data of Candidates

Composition of Sex and Age of Candidates