13:02:50 05-04-2010

11th - 25th April 2010

 Regional lists in VAS  county  

Number drawn
by lot
Name of list Type Number of
Decision of the
Election Committee (EC)
Date of decision
of the (EC)
State Date of the
of candidacy
1 CIVIL MOZGALOM Single list 12 Registered 2010.03.22 Stands for election  
2 LEHET MÁS A POLITIKA Single list 11 Registered 2010.03.22 Stands for election  
3 MAGYAR SZOCIALISTA PÁRT Single list 12 Registered 2010.02.26 Stands for election  
4 FIDESZ-KDNP Common list 12 Registered 2010.03.19 Stands for election  
5 JOBBIK Single list 12 Registered 2010.03.10 Stands for election  

Statement of parties running for mandates jointly