13:02:50 05-04-2010

11th - 25th April 2010

 Candidates of number 06 parliamentary single-member constituency (Nyírbátor ) in SZABOLCS–SZATMÁR–BEREG  county  

1st round

Name of candidate Organizations nominating
Decision of the
Election Committee (EC)
Date of decision
of the EC
State Date of the termination
of candidacy
Dr. Kiss Sándor Jobbik Registered  2010.02.19  Indulhat      .  .   
Dr. Simon Miklós FIDESZ,KDNP Registered  2010.02.26  Indulhat      .  .   
Dr. Veres János MSZP Registered  2010.02.26  Indulhat      .  .   
Balog József MCF ROMA ÖSSZEFOGÁS PÁRT Registering refused  2010.03.22  May not stand for election  2010.03.22