Data of Electoral districts


The number of mandates (seats in the parliament) is 386. In the course of the election, these mandates shall be allocated by applying the so called mixed electoral system developed by combination of the majority and the proportional electoral systems. The 176 parliamentary seats are allocated on basis of the majority principle in the single-member constituencies. In the 19 counties and in the capital (the so called regional constituencies), candidates run for election on lists put up by parties. 152 mandates can be obtained from the regional lists. Mandates not distributed in the regional constituencies are added to the number of mandates to be allocated on the national list. The remaining 58 mandates and those coming up from the regional constituencies shall be distributed among the national compensation lists.

Where can I vote? (electoral districts, district data)

The territory of the country has been split into electoral districts. Each electoral district has a polling station where voters living in the district can cast their votes. The number of electoral districts by settlement, their serial numbers and area shall be established by the head of the local election office. Electoral districts are to be arranged so that about 600 but not more than 1200 voters belong to one district, and each settlement has at least one electoral district. Should two or more electoral districts be established in a settlement, the head of the election office has to designate the electoral district (polling station) where those living in the settlement but without so called settlement-level domicile (e.g. homeless), and voters possessing a certificate for absentee voting can cast their votes. Ballot Counting Committees function in each electoral district. Voters have the possibility of casting their votes abroad, at the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Hungary, on the candidates of single-member constituencies and the regional lists eligible on basis of their home address in Hungary. Voting shall not be held at those foreign representations where no voter has been registered on the roll. Foreign representation election offices function at the foreign representations.