Updated: October 11, 2016 4:59 PM

National referendum
October 2, 2016

Status of data processing:  100,00  %

Indicative data with regard to the number and percentage of voters turned out to vote

Turnout data from domestic polling districts based on reports during polling day

up until 7.00 o’clock up until 9.00 o’clock up until 11.00 o’clock up until 13.00 o’clock up until 15.00 o’clock up until 1730 o’clock
percentage of voters turned out to vote

at 19.00 o’clock:  44,08 %

(On the basis of the data of  100,00  of the domestic polling districts and the synthesis of the votes cast at foreign representations and by post)

Compared to turnout data of previous elections

Totalised turnout data at the referendum

Turnout data at foreign representations